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Perfect for Yoga, Healing, Meditation and just the joy of being

In the multi-tasking madness of today’s chaos-filled world, it’s often easy to overlook the simple joy of stopping for a moment to allow yourself to take a deep breath.
inhale slowly gives the listener absolute permission to step back from the relentless demands of the day to indulge in the almost guilty pleasure of taking the time to breathe. Your well-deserved break from the stresses of the world begins the moment you press play and  inhale slowly .


“inhale slowly is a deep breath of very fresh musical air. With haunting melodies and a highly refined musicality, these compositions evoke and invoke a peaceful and emotionally rich state of relaxation. Recommended!!!!”
Jai Uttal, Grammy™ nominated composer, musician and World Music pioneer.
“Luminous! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their meditation with music.”
Patricia Ellsberg, Social change activist, meditation teacher and life coach, pioneer.
“The veteran production values of Joe Paulino, coupled with the amazing musicianship of Tim White fooled my experienced ears! I thought this was a room full of musicians! Recurring musical themes and excellent mixing make this listenable time after time! Fabulous for long drives!”
Robin Yeager, Audio producer and engineer, Tres Virgos studio (George Benson, Stuart Copeland, Kenny G, David Grisman, Van Morrison, and more).
“Really gorgeous. When I travel, I often bring along a Buddha Machine or Eno’s Music for Airports – to provide vital calm wherever I find myself. I think inhale slowly may trump both as my new favorite mechanism for portable peace.”
Adam Levy, Musician/producer
“For any setting that begs relaxation, this is the missing link. I LOVE IT!!”
Lloyd Barde, Music editor, Common Ground magazine.

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